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To: IchiBan

gilam ,hey !
i hope it's ok to send u this mail , i was'nt sure , but i thought it would'nt heart to try.
my name is Tomer , i am 25 years old ,and in my last year(fourth year) at Ben Gurion University graduating in Communication System Engineering ,BSc.
the reason i am writing this letter is not just to give u input about me and ask for your opinon, it's just that i am in quite a catch . i'll explain :
i really want to do MBA in the states in one of the top schools , but i have a cash problem . if i can get a schoolarship for a significant part of the tuition , i can manage , and will go through with the process of trying to apply . but if i would'nt get the schoolarship i hoped for , it does'nt matter if they accept me.
i just want to know what r my chances to get a schoolarship and to be accepted (the schoolarship issue is very important).
i have a 92 average in the university (for all the years ), i have a 716 score on the psychometric exam.
i think i could do pretty good on the GMAT (at least i hope soo). i have been doing community work by teaching high school students for final exams , and also taught astronomy in junior high , i recevied a letter of excellence from the university for that.
i worked all my life but i can't say i have any real business experience .
i would really appreciate a stright forward response , beacuse i don't have the necessary money to spare if the chances r very low.
thanks alot ,and i hope i did'nt cause u any headache reading my mail! :-)
thanks again