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To: Gilam

Hi Gilam,

Have you considered Distance Learning to study for an MBA? I represent the Tanaka Business School of Imperial College in London, a highly ranked and well known institution in a variety of fields, and comparible to the Technion in Israel, and MIT in the USA.

Through the Imperial College Distance Learning MBA Programme, you can receive an MBA Dgree in 2 to 5 years, depending on how many course modules you take. If you are now working for a high tech company and plan one day to create a 'start-up' company of your own, an MBA with a specialisation in entrpeneurialship can give you the qualititive edge needed to accomplish this.

The distance learning study curriculum is virtually the same as the full time or attandance learning programme. Tuition and other charges are much more reasonable than other MBA programmes.

I can supply you with a special CD presentation disc that fully covers the distance learning programme at imperial College. I also hope to conduct a forum and seminar for prospective MBA students at the British council in the February. Until then, feel free to contact me for further information (admission requirements, tuition fees, etc.).

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards,

Maurice Picow, Authorised Intermediary, Imperial College, London

Tel No/Fax: 972-9-8850695, mobile: 052-5398003.