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To: Wangot


I am currently a student at TAU graduating in a few months with a degree in economics.

I have secured a job with a leading international firm (a real blue chip) and a small dynamic israeli start up. I am planning to commence an MBA in two years time but dont know which job would advance me to my goals.

The global firm is a brand name on the cv with exciting oppertunities but surely will have less oppertunities to lead change vs. a small dynamic company where i will have a stronger impact.

I know that the BW guru Sandy would recommend to choose the blue chip, but in an Israeli context wouldn't a start give me the chance to write my own story? How important is this blue chip thing?

Wangot, my off the cuff answer is that the blue-chip position is likely to be stronger. Meaning, if you take a 100 Israelis, for maybe 70-80 of them the blue chip will be a better choice in terms of MBA admissions. The other 20-30 are cases where:
1. The person's backround is a strong fit with the startup and a weak fit with the blue-chip job.
2. The specific startup opportunity (position, responsibilities, promotion prospects, company, recommender) looks much better, career-wise and achievement-wise, than the blue-chip opportunity (position, responsibilities, promotion prospects, company, recommender).

BTW: Is it true the strong global economy is making this year realtively easier than in the past?

So far this year seems to me about the same as last year in terms of competitiveness, and both of these years are significantly easier than the situation two years ago.


You're welcome. Good luck!