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Lets put a stop on all the messages containing the question "does it worth it?"!!!!!

I agree with odrp that people who pose this question have no clue about what is an MBA, what is the value of an MBA from a top school in the US or even what they would do with an MBA.

No one comes back to Israel immidately after their MBA because the idea is to gain valuable experience in the states that they could then leverage if they decide to return home.

The only way to is to work for a company with a good solid reputation. To acehieve that, people need to go to top schools who attract those companies.

Yes, someone can go to a school that would offer them a full scholarship, but they would be left (on the most part) without a good job at the end.

To sum – ask question that show you have put some thought behind the decision. Learn what is an MBA. Don't concentrate on the $100,000 so much, but more so on getting into a school (even without a scholarship) that will gurantee a good, well paying job.

Most importantly – THINK, READ and only then ask.