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To: Gilam

Hi Gilam,

I would appreciate if you could asses my acceptance chances to the leading MBA programs. I'm aiming mostly to technology/entrepreneurship oriented ones (as far as I currently understand), such as Sloan, Haas or Stanford, and from the less technology/entrepreneurship ones I would prefer Chicago, Northwestern or Columbia.

My background is as follow:

I'm 29 years old

Did the GMAT at August and got 660 (49, 34+-, can't recall now), and at the moment I don’t have planes to do another one.

Academic degree:
Bsc in Computer Science with an average of 80 form Tel Aviv University (working full time during studying).

Military service:
Served as a military assistant for the Head of Induction center; managed the bureau (6 people) and the recruitment days.

Working experience:
2 years as a software engineer in a startup company
2 years as a Technology Project Manger in a known High-Tech company, had a direct responsibility for teams of up to four members and managed worldwide projects in Asia and Israel.

Community work:
A rich community work experience throughout the last five years with organizations such as "Perach" and "The Jewish Agency"

I was the captain of the handball team during three out of four years at high school.
I was the captain of the soccer team during the second year of university.

My MBA goals are to acquire more managerial/marketing skills and not to focus on the financials ones, I don't have plans to work in the finance/consulting fields after graduation.

At the moment i'm very uncertain what programs I should attend, so I'll be happy to hear your opinion regarding the programs that would best meet my goals and background.

Thank you for your time!