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I believe that is true to a certain extent. You will have all the big companies recruit at, let's say, Wharton and Berkley. But you might have a few smaller companies coming only to Berkley.. Another factor is that if you are close to the Valley, you can much easier network and reach out to people…

I suggest you talk with people who went to these schools to get a clearer insight – I am mainly extrapolating from my experience at IMD. We had companies coming from all over the place, and students went all over the world. However, we did have companies with HQ in our area that do not actively recruit in other places, or that know a lot about IMD because it's part of the local landscape. I spoke with a few Tech Funds that don;t really recruit MBAs at all, but they knew some of my Profs so I got a chance to talk with them.

I would not make a decision strictly on Geography, but if you KNOW you want to work in the Palo Alto then I would suggest putting Berkley and Stanford at the top of the list.

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