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To: economics

Dear Ice and economics,

Perhaps I can address a few of the points you are asking about.
First of all consulting – in my opinion the schools don't really 'prepare' you for the work as a consultant. Instead, they provide a general education and a diploma that consultancies like. You can get to any of the top consultancies from any of the top schools. I know INSEAD has a reputation for sending a lot of grads to that field and to accepting a lot of ex-consultants (many of whom go back to their old companies) but I really don't think you can go wrong with any of the schools on the list if that is what you want.

As for the rest, I think the main thing is where you want to work and live after your MBA. The top schools all have a network around the world and you can study in NYC and then work in Paris. However, the best network is typically closer to home. If you want to work in the states, go study there. If you prefer Europe, consider a European school.

Finally, the schools you list are all very different in what they offer. I suggest you figure out the geography issue and learn more about the schools. Berkley and Wharton, or IMD and IE, offer very different experiences from each other…

Good luck,