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Gilad D
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LBS video interview

This year LBS added another component to their admission process – video interviews. Here is the relevant part from the post on LBS admissions blog:

year we are introducing a video submission element for all candidates
who reach the interview stage. This was not a decision we took lightly.
We’ve been considering making this introduction for a couple of years.
We piloted the process last year with a few candidates, to help us
assess English language skills. But this year we are going all-out and
using the videos to help us learn a lot more about you.

want to take this opportunity to reassure all interviewees that we are
being very thoughtful about how we use this exciting new addition to our
process. The team have carefully considered what our expectations are
and the limitations of the new addition. We recognise that we need to
consider cultural differences, as we do with everything, because we have
such an international community. Some people will feel a lot more
comfortable than others filming themselves answering questions. And
some professional backgrounds train you to carry out such activities. We
are NOT looking to use this as a tool to disqualify candidates or
‘catch you out’. Quite the opposite – it is another opportunity to shine
and help us get to know you. Don’t even worry (too much) if you don’t
time your answers perfectly – we won’t deduct points. We just want to
see how you perform on both the prepared question and the unprepared
section. We love meeting candidates at events, but it’s not possible to
meet you all, so this helps us see you in action."