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Gilad D
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Wharton Round 1 interviews and TBD

Wharton posted this update on their admissions blog:

for Round 1 applicants to interview were sent November 2, and if you
were invited, you will participate in a Team Based Discussion (TBD) and a
one-on-one interview in the next few days — either on campus in
Philadelphia, or in one of several major cities around the world,
including Beijing, Delhi, Dubai, London, San Francisco, Sao Paulo,
Seoul, Singapore and Tokyo. We encourage you to interview at a location
most convenient to you. Much has been written about the Wharton TBD,
which is meant to model the highly collaborative nature of the Wharton
MBA environment in order to identify characteristics (communication
style, level of engagement, leadership skills, decision-making process,
etc.) that we believe contribute to the success of Wharton students.
This is your opportunity to express who you are as an individual, but
perhaps more importantly, as a member of a functioning team.
is one element of the admissions process that, when pieced together with
your written application, helps paint a clearer picture of who you are
and how you may fit into the Class of 2019. Our hope is that through
this process, you will not only be able to present how you approach and
think about certain challenges and opportunities, but also have a chance
to experience, firsthand, the team work and learning dynamic that is
central to the Wharton experience.
When thinking about how to
approach the TBD, the advice I most often give applicants is to reflect
on your day-to-day interactions, both personally and professionally.
Each of us engages in TBDs every day of our lives. Pay attention to the
role you typically play in those discussions, and when you get to the
TBD, own that role! Are you the quiet consensus builder? The big idea
person? The compromise negotiator? All have a role and usually flourish
in our TBDs.
We wish you all the best as you enter this exciting
phase of Round 1 interviews, and we look forward to meeting you at a TBD
very soon!"