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In reply to Gil Horsky from September 02 2003

Immersions are the way the Johnson School allows you to specialize in a certain field. They are a semester long “threads” that are taken during the second semester of the first year. There are six immersions that are Brand Management, Semester in Manufacturing, Managerial Finance, Investment Banking, Entrepreneurship and Private Equity, Research Sales and Trading. During these immersions you will not only learn the theory about the field but will also get hands on experience in the practicum part of the immersions. You will take part in projects at Wall Street, visit plants and discuss real life problems with the managers, chat with Entrepreuers and Venture Capitalists about their burning problems etc.

Most importantly! The immersions allow you to:

  1. Signal to your potential employers that you are serious about their field and industry.
  2. Get hands on experience even before your summer internship which is unique to the Johnson School.
  3. Take many more electives during the second year from the Johnson School and Cornell.

As for how did it help me, in a minute.