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In reply to Amit from September 02 2003

I took the Entrepreneurship and Private Equity immersion. Taking under account my background in the Entrepreneurship industry it mainly allowed me to understand the perspective of the people across the table using real life interaction. It also allowed me to get broader perspective of the business world which is very important in Consulting.

More specifically, I know that this wider perspective helped me get an interview with BCG and to succeed in the recruiting process. I actually had a Private Equity case in my first round of interviews with BCG which I mastered. The ones that will get into the Johnson School will get this case during the Analytical Thinking Thread.

At the long run it will help me to get a position in a VC (which I don’t desire now). During my current visit to Israel I had several meetings with Israel’s leading VCs and I know that I was able to impress them and talk with them at the same level. This is all thanks to the EPE immersion.