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To: udin


I think you're referring to something that I wrote several months ago. The folks at the UK Border Agency have been working hard during this time to introduce more changes to the Tier 1 and Tier 2 visa policies…

Anyway, they closed the Tier 1 (general) option for new appllications from both abroad and within the UK as of 5 April. Essentially, from now, if you wish to apply for a working visa based on your MBA diploma and professional skills, you will have to be sponsored by a company and submit a Tier 2 visa application (which most companies over the past couple of years have been trying to avoid).

Hopefully, this transition will wake employers up and get them to accept Tier 2-eligible applicants instead of insisting on Tier 1-eligible applicants (who no longer exist).
Personally, I don't see why Tier 2-eligible applicants have been shunned by so many employers in the UK over the past few years – most companies outsource the visa application work to a legal services firm anyway, and the cost of obtaining this work permit is negligible when one takes into account the overall cost of selecting and relocating an international candidate…

You can find more info here and here.

All the best!