מספר הפוסטים: 29

To: OK

Hi OK,

Even if the ugliest girl in the class thinks you are cute you should be flattered. And St. Gallen is not that ugly :-).
From the little I know about the school I would class it as a very good local school and a tier 2 or 3 European school (probably Top 15 in Europe). It has a good reputation in the country and even more so in the German speaking side.

As for working in Switzerland you could definitely do worst.Geneva and Zurich are constantly rated in the top 5 cities in the world for quality of living, salary and cost of living. There are loads of multinational companies from various industries including banks, insurance, financial institutes, industrial manufacturing, pharma, medical, tech and more.

and then you have those mountains and lakes and 3 hour trains to anywhere in central Europe… Ahhhh, I miss Switzerland :-)