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Flipping through the different messages, I get the impression that
people are concerned with the perceived quality in Israel of the
different MBA programs. Moreover, it seems that people are
contemplating going back to Israel at the end of their MBA.

I think it's highly imperative to stress that going back to Israel at
the end of the MBA is the least desirable strategy. There is no way in
the world one would get his return on investment by earning Israeli
salary (assuming one is not going to work for his family's business or
start his own company). Further, without real experience, the value of
the MBA in the eyes of many Israeli employers would be minimal.
All those receiving an MBA in the US should work for at least 4-5
years, preferably in a well known company. That would ensure not just
that you recoup your investment, but that you have a valuable
experience on your resume that you can leverage when and if you
return. At that point no one would look at the school you came from,
but the experience you gained.
To sum, get into a school that is well recognized in the US (Top10-
15) and not necessarily in Israel and make sure you get a good job.

Danny Teleman
Fuqua School of Business
Class of 2003

"awand_99" wrote:
> Hi Aboud,
> both schools are great BUT they don't have a strong enough brand in
> Israel.
> From the two, Chicago (I am going there) have a stronger brand,
> because many people who studied Economics are familiar with the
> school.
> If you are thinking on coming back to Israel after finishing your
> these are probably not the best schools to do so.
> Naturaly, HBS, Stanford and Wharton but also Columbia and NYU
> moreover, people in Israel would think that Yale is a great MBA
> because of the school's great brand.
> Hope it helps
> A