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Hi all

This is the second time I post my introduction as I got an e-mail from the forum administrator saying my previous message was lost (that is strange). So if you got to read my previous message before the sad mishap just skip this one.

My name is Amit Nisenbaum and I am a recent graduate from the Johnson Graduate School of Business at Cornell.

My background is in the High-Tech industry where I held positions in both R&D and Business Development. During my time at Cornell I focused my interest on General Management, Private Equity and Strategy Consulting.

Finally, after spending some time traveling around the US and visiting Israel my family and myself will return to Boston to join BCG where I will focus on the Technology and Telecom industries.

I am thrilled about this new forum and will be happy to collaborate and socialize with all of you. If anybody need any advice or help regarding my areas of interest mentioned above or just want to chat please don’t hesitate to give me a buzz. My contact details are at the Yahoo DB.

If any of you (mostly current students and graduates but also incoming students) from the Boston area have any recommendations regarding nice places to live which will fit a couple plus one plus dog I will be happy to know. We are looking really all around Boston i.e. Back Bay, South End, Brookline, Newton and even as far as Lexington.