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Hi Everyone,

First let me say that I think the initiative of setting up this
mailing list, and an organization such as that of the Italians
(NOVA), is a great idea. I saw the Poll on the name and I have a
couple of suggestions:

I think the most obvious name would be IMA (Israeli MBA Association),
but I am a bit concerned by the similarity with the Hebrew IMA +
MUM… do we want to get it even worse, then let's call it IIMA!!!

When the Italian picked up the name NOVA, they wanted to give it a
broader meaning: they wanted to promote the idea of getting an MBA in
the US/INSEAD. NOVA means NEW, in Italian. The name sounds
interesting, although noone (me included) knows what the letters
stand for exactgly and how do they relate to the MBA concept.

I haven't given much thought to a new name, but I would suggest to
create something better than IMA.

Thanks and sorry for the long email.

Take care,