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I suggest the forum should be in English, or Hebrew & English.

It is the Israeli INTERNATIONAL MBA Forum. It may be used by others
who are interested in recruiting Israeli MBAs, or who wish, for
whatever reason, to learn more about us.

What do others think about this?

"yadolev" wrote:
> Hi all,
> I would like to inform you that the new IIMBA website is in work,
> so far has progressed a great deal.
> The website's forum feature, which will replace this forum on yahoo
> is ready and good to go. All posts from this forum are loaded to
> new one.
> You are more than welcome to go in, and start using it.
> If you are already a member of the yahoo forum:
> 1. Go to
face=Miriam Fixed color=#800080http://www.mbachances.co.il/forum
> 2. Enter the אחרי הקבלה (Achrei hakabala) forum. The discussion's
> first post is "welcome" by Assaf.
> 3. In order to get access, provide your yahoo user name. The
> is "iimba". After you're logged in, edit your profile and change
> your password to a personal one.
> 4. Have fun.
> If you encounter any bugs or user friendly problems, please feel
> to email me and report.
> New members who are not members of the yahoo IIMBA forum will be
> required to perform a full registration.
> Yinnon