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ציטוט: הכותב המקורי B-Bullish ב- 16 יוני 03

ציטוט: הכותב המקורי rkmba2002 ב- 14 יוני 03

I have a question for those of you already in the US, or alumni.

I never wore a suit in my life (not even Bar-Mitzva or wedding…). Any suggestions of: What to buy, where to buy, colors, buttons, etc. ?

This article seems a bit old, probably from around the heydays of the late 1990's.

In general, and especially in periods like this, you can't really go wrong with a 2-button suit. The guy who wrote this works for John Varvatos, and even on their website you can see that all business suits for the spring/summer 2003 collection are two-button.