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  • nyaniv
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    is anyone here interested in the 4 schools written above in the topic?

    Queens was rated number one outside the US for 2-3 years now

    (above LBS and Insead)… these 4 are the top ones in Canada and some of

    their graduates do work in NYC….

    i beleive York (Schuluch) or Queens have a joint program with Kellog.

    anybody checking these out or all prefer to fight over H1B?

    by the way, the spouse of the student is legal to work anywhere in Canada (unlike the US), and there is no dependancy on H1B, thus, no work place can hold you on an H1B issue.

    maybe its worth a look…

מוצגות 1 תגובות (מתוך 1 סה״כ)
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