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Online MBA Chat with the NYU Stern School of Business.


Ms. Paula Steisel, Admission Committee Chairman.

Ms. Shelley Poniachek, second year MBA Student.

Location: http://www.MBAchances.co.il

Time: Monday, October 27, at 19:00 Israel time.

Host: Gilam Levi of aringo.co.il

If you are interested in NYU, this is an outstanding opportunity to ask all your questions about its program, admissions policies, career opportunities, and student life.

Notice the chat rules:

1. Each forum member may post up to 50 messages and replies per chat. You may refer a question to any of the participants and may reply to their answers.

2. Posts are uploaded gradually. Therefore, you may see your post only after a while, or may not see it if there is not enough time.

3. Click "REFRESH CHAT" (or press "F5" every few seconds), to see new posts.

4. You may call the admission committee members by their first name (some people asked about this).

5. The chat is in English and lasts about 60 minutes.