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    Congratulations for your acceptance to a top MBA program!

    My name is Aviv Canaani, formerly the Spokesperson of MK Braverman, and now an incoming student at the Fuqua school of Business at Duke University.
    Together with two other friends, we have organized a conference for all Israelis who are flying this summer to commence their MBA studies in one of the top 20 programs in the world.

    It's the first student-organized conference for Incoming MBA Students abroad, and it will be held on Tuesday, the 26th of June, at the Clal Building, Tel Aviv.

    We brought together some of Israel’s most influential MBA alumni to give us all a chance to get valuable inputs about living abroad, understanding the different fields, getting the right job, returning to Israel and much more. The keynote speaker is MK Dr. Einat WIlf who will share with us her experience all the way from school (INSEAD 02'), business (Mckinsey among others) and up until her current position as Head of the Knesset Education Committee.

    Details and registration at: http://bit.ly/NAqjIn

    As we are trying to reach as many of us as possible, I would also appreciate it if you could forward this message to other incoming Israeli MBA students you are familiar with.

    It will be great seeing you at the conference!


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