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    Meet IE in Tel Aviv! Breakfast Conference: The World of the Future Friday, February 25th

    IE Business School would like to invite you to a Breakfast Conference titled “The World of the Future”, taking place in Tel Aviv on Friday, February 25th.

    During this conference we discuss how the future may look and the challenges that society will have to face. It is our actions today that will shape the future and with careful reflection we can anticipate consequences and choose courses of action that can lead us to desirable scenarios.

    This conference is not an exercise of prediction but an opportunity to discuss the main issues facing the world in coming years. Is Globalization reversible? Are we facing a technological revolution? What are the consequences of today's events on society and in business?

    February 25th
    10:00 – 11:30
    Dan Hotel (Crown Lounge room)
    99 HaYarkon Street, Tel Aviv, Israel, Tel Aviv, ISRAEL
    Breakfast Conference: The World of the Future

    Register via this link:

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